Why We Came

"Americans have come to know and expect a political elite who claim to hear the masses, but have time for only the few. In a country of the people, by the people and for the people, it feels increasingly like a country of the politicians, by the politicians and for their personal interests.

At Voters for a Voice, we have the audacity to believe this nation should exist to serve each and every one of U.S. That regardless of our personal circumstances, our inherent right to an equal voice in the laws and policies that govern us exists quite simply because we do. As such, we regard the individual's voice as the penultimate right - sacred in its position as the guarantor of all other rights and freedoms. Therefore, any policy, institution or person who seeks to skew the distribution of influence disproportionately toward those it favors will be met with resistance from the highest authority in this land - the people, themselves."

~ Voters for a Voice


Our Movement

To reclaim our democracy for the people by educating citizens about their rights and responsibilities as voters, by exploring areas for and methods of improvement in our current processes and by advocating for political reforms through a series of campaigns designed to achieve equitable representation in the American political system.


How Are We Moving?

With our (3) legs, of course!

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Leg I - Education

Education is perhaps the most important means through which we hope to affect positive change in the current political environment. We seek to educate citizens about both their rights as voters and the current state of our political system. Doing so will require a multi-faceted approach, including:

  • Connecting you with political/activist events that will equip you with the tools and skills to make big things happen!
  • Regularly publishing articles exploring issues targeted through our campaigns
  • Quickly and concisely disseminating information on our social media platforms.

Check out our education page!


Leg II - Exploration

This Leg of our movement is dedicated to thinking -  and lots of it! Look, we know what we're up against here. The problems we are addressing through our campaigns do not come with simple, ready-made solutions. In many cases, they have been made deliberately more difficult by those profiting from their existence. We hope to create an environment in which voters from all walks of life can come together and collaborate, focusing on (i) identifying the organizations' next campaigns and (ii) finding creative solutions for effectively and efficiently accomplishing our campaign goals.


Leg III - Advocacy

Advocacy, the third and most active Leg of our movement, is where we really roll up our sleeves and get to work. Here, you will find information about each of our campaigns, what we are actively doing to make a difference, and how you can pitch in and lend a helping hand! We will roll out new campaigns periodically, beginning with three, and with any luck, we will celebrate and close campaigns once our goals have been achieved.


And stay tuned for launches of our future campaigns!

  • Campaign III: Free People for Free Votes - Campaign Finance Reform

Get Involved

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