Education is without a doubt the most important leg of our movement. Through collaborative education, we hope to equip voters with the knowledge and power to make their voices heard.


Events Calendar

We are excited to provide a calendar of local events related to our movement and campaigns. This will consist both of events organized by Voters for a Voice and those brought to you by other organizations doing great work in this field. We will initially focus on events in the New York City area, but hope to expand to more cities before long. Stay tuned for our calendar unveiling - coming soon!!



An important part of our education leg will be regular articles on topics surrounding our campaigns and other voting-related issues important to our community.

Check out some of our recent articles!

If you are interested in submitting an article for Voters for a Voice, we would love to hear from you! Follow the link below and become a contributor.


Social Media

From the informative articles we publish on Medium to open dialogue on our Facebook page, we view social media as the primary form through which we communicate quick facts about our campaigns and foster open and productive conversation. Get involved and follow us today!