End Partisan Gerrymandering.

First, if you're not already well acquainted, visit our Gerrymandering Explained informational page for a quick tutorial on what partisan gerrymandering is and why it's a problem. 

Already up to speed on partisan gerrymandering and why it HAS TO GO? Awesome, us too! Here, we explain exactly what we are doing to make partisan gerrymandering a thing of the past.


To pass national redistricting reform legislation.

Plain and simple.

What Have We Done Already?

1. Research

We have and continue to research the wide array of proposed solutions to gerrymandering. Through our research, we have identified the need for preventative vs. reactionary solutions and a national vs. state-specific approach. You can read more about this reasoning here. For a great example of the fruits of all this research, check out our Summary of Florida's Recent Redistricting Practices!

2. Legislative Analysis

We have meticulously combed through every bill or resolution brought before the House or Senate hoping to find one that met all our criteria for a redistricting model, which we also believe is realistically (though not necessarily easily) passable. We had originally expected needing to draft our own bill, but were delighted to find a great bill that has already been proposed - The Redistricting Reform Act of 2017!

3. Congressional Visits

As of April 2018, we have made 3 trips to D.C. with our next visit scheduled in early June. These trips provide us the opportunity to sit down one-on-one with Senators, Representatives and their staff and to make our plea for your voice in the democratic process! We use these meetings to seek new co-sponsors for the Redistricting Reform Act and to do everything we can to push the bill closer to passage.

4. New Bill Co-Sponsors!

We are happy to announce that after just 2 trips, the bill has already received a new co-sponsor directly as a result of our efforts! She is Representative Yvette Clarke from Brooklyn's 9th District, and we are so happy to have her on board!

Who We've Met

Nathan Musgrove, Executive Director, and Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (CA-19) after a meeting on March 6, 2018.

Nathan Musgrove, Executive Director, and Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (CA-19) after a meeting on March 6, 2018.

Our Plan

The Redistricting Reform Act currently has 58 co-sponsors in the House of Representatives. While all the current co-sponsors are Democrats, we firmly believe this is a non-partisan matter that is only situationally partisan. If the Democrats, for example, were to have a "wave" election in 2020 and were able to exert more control over redistricting and gerrymander more themselves, this could just as easily be a heavily Republican sponsored bill. This has already played out in states like Maryland, which are controlled by a Democratic gerrymander and have seen Republicans speak up in open opposition. Gerrymandering is forever the friend of the empowered and the enemy of the powerless.

Our next objective is to seek a Republican Representative willing to sign on as a co-sponsor of the bill. Though this promises to be an uphill battle, we are committed to seeing it through. Once the bill receives its first Republican co-sponsorship, it will become bi-partisan legislation, and we believe additional Republican co-sponsors will come more easily. With enough co-sponsors and pressure from the upcoming midterm elections, we believe this bill could pass the House, at which point we would move on to our next battle in the Senate.

What You Can Do!

1. Support Us!

National redistricting reform isn't easy. The well-financed political elite would love to keep it that way. We promise to use every penny of your generous donation to support our efforts to fight for your voice in this republic created to serve YOU. Help us to afford our trips to D.C., to fund our ongoing research and to expand the reach of our work to touch as many citizens as we possibly can.

Up until this point, we have run entirely on the contributions of our founder, but seeing as he is an accountant balancing a day job with Voters for a Voice, this is not a sustainable solution. Please consider donating to support our cause!

2. Contact Your Rep!

  • Find your Representative here, courtesy of Common Cause.
  • Write your Representative and tell them you support the Redistricting Reform Act (HR 1102)! For a quick and easy way to send your message (we are talking SECONDS, people!), just check out democracy's favorite bot - Resistbot!
  • If your Representative has not already co-sponsored the bill (here is a list of current co-sponsors), please ask them to co-sponsor the bill!

3. Meeting Request

If you are interested in having us meet with your representative to advocate for their sponsorship of The Redistricting Reform Act, we would love to! The more requests we have from constituents, the easier it is for us to get in the door! Please let us know and be sure to include your name and address where you are registered to vote. All personal information will be kept in the strictest confidence, of course.

As a disclaimer, while we are extraordinarily grateful for your financial support (like, really though), we do not provide meetings with congressional offices in exchange for contributions, nor is a contribution in any way necessary to request we meet with your elected official. We would like to meet with every Representative and Senator, and a referral from a constituent simply helps us get our feet in the door!