Campaign I: End Gerrymandering.


What Is Gerrymandering?

As Wayne Dawkins famously observed, "In America, voters don't pick their politicians. Politicians pick their voters." How can that be, you ask?


We implore you to take less than 5 minutes of your time to watch our short video and learn all you need to about how gerrymandering works and why it happens.

Where Does It Happen?

In 2016, although only 49.1% of voters in the U.S. voted for a Republican representative in the House, thanks to a coordinated and effective state-by-state gerrymandering campaign, Republicans won a 55.4% majority (241 vs. 194) of the 435 seats up for election that year. But we should be clear that this happens on both sides of the aisle (and to varying degrees of effectiveness).

It happens in Wisconsin.

  Source:  PBS NewsHour

Source: PBS NewsHour

North Carolina, too.

  Source:  Mother Jones

Source: Mother Jones

It's happening in Maryland.

  Source:  Mother Jones

Source: Mother Jones

It's happening to YOU.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 4.55.18 PM.png

When Will Districts Be Redrawn?


Although it can vary state-to-state and office-to-office, the next big round of redistricting will occur in 2020, which means we are only TWO YEARS away! It is imperative that we make positive changes NOW before state legislators can create new gerrymandered districts that they will use to skew the balance of power until 2030!

What Are We Doing About It?


State-by-State Assessment

Redistricting in the U.S. occurs at the state level. At Voters for a Voice, we recognize that there is a lot of variability state-to-state and that it the most prudent use of our resources will be to focus on implementing changes in specific states. We are currently in the process of assessing the state or states that could best use our help based on a combination of several factors, including the severity of gerrymandering in each state and the popular balance of political preference (the state's inherent "competitiveness"). At the conclusion of this process, our goal is to select 1-2 states upon which to focus the majority of our resources.


Researching and Creating Solutions

In the world of gerrymandering, there are a variety of potential solutions already in existence and many more left to be discovered. These days, there is a lot of talk around the efficiency gap method and the related Wisconsin gerrymandering case in the Supreme Court, but there are many more creative, better solutions to the problem of gerrymandering. Just imagine if the very same algorithms used by legislators to craft the perfect gerrymandered district were instead tweaked and used to create the perfectly fair district. Such a day may not be far off!


Implementing Progressive Reforms

This is the fun part! Once we have narrowed our initial scope to one or two states, we will begin our work on the ground. This means sharing what we know about gerrymandering and brainstorming ideas for solutions with legislators, local leaders, and most importantly, voters themselves!


Spreading the Word!

This is where YOU come in! Help us spread the word about gerrymandering and why it must be stopped by sharing this page & our informational video, and by following us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Medium (check out the bottom of the page for links!). 

And don't forget to contact your representatives and let them know how you feel about gerrymandering! Here is an awesome resource courtesy of Common Cause, which you can use to find your elected officials. Please also check out Resistbot, which lets you write and call your representatives via text message and all within mere seconds. It couldn't be easier to resist!